Proven Process - Steps to a Successful Retirement Plan

1. The Retirement Plan Assessor
Our tools provide an assessment of your company’s retirement plan objectives and concerns and a benchmark analysis of how your plan compares to its peers. We complete a comprehensive review of your plan and its investments and review its competitiveness in fees and overall success.


2. The Retirement Plan Eval-lution
Through extensive data mining and our Plan Feasibility Assessment (PFA), we evaluate your plan to determine what degrees of services are being utilized and where improvements and efficiencies can be made. Our goal is to ensure decisions and plans evolve accordingly, stay the pace of regulation and maintain their competitiveness. We’ll analyze plan specifications and participant demographics to ensure the two are properly aligned.


3. The Fiduciary Defender
Meeting your fiduciary responsibilities can be a complex process. We help control risk by developing and adhering to a formal Investment Policy Statement and establishing clear criteria for selecting and monitoring investment managers. A defined evaluation methodology is paramount in achieving your fiduciary oversight and removing most, if not all, subjectivity from the equation.


4. The RFP Directive
We are your advocates. We’ll sit on your side of the negotiating table and execute the RFP process and manage the flow of information in totality. We’ll analyze and review proposals and guide you in making an informed and knowledgeable decision. We provide a defensible and documented process including an evaluation-scoring matrix. We recommend, implement and monitor your plan without prejudice.


5. The Edu-Tainment Process
Education is a process and not an event. We enroll, train and educate your employees on the benefits of their program. We’ll ensure their satisfaction through educational and financial planning seminars, campaigns and surveys. We track and report all employee communication, and education through our Employee Experience Action Plan to the plan Committee. It’s our report card to you.


6. The Wealthcare Reporter
We’ll manage the health and welfare of your retirement program over its lifetime, advising you on regulatory changes, program enhancements and investment due diligence on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. Our proactive approach will help you and your employees achieve successful plan results.