Participant Experience


Education and participant success is a process, not an event. Employees and their retirement success should be supported by experienced retirement planning consultants in conjunction with a detailed plan so their wealth and retirement resources won’t be left to chance.


A successful retirement plan is best defined as a compliant plan whose participants are on pace to accumulate savings that truly can help meet their income needs at retirement. The success of the plan is based primarily on the effectiveness of programs designed to educate, motivate and guide participants to accumulate those savings required to provide income for life.  Premier retirement plans are more about individual outcomes and less about averages.


Our Accountability to You:

As Detroit, Michigan retirement planning consultants, we deliver what we promise and include an Accountability Action Plan (AAP) to monitor our progress.  It outlines quarterly, semi-annual and annual education and communication campaigns and group and individual meetings. The AAP is our report card to you illustrating what we say we will do and what we actually do – they are one in the same.

We also provide evaluations and surveys at group meetings and report our findings to the plan committee. Documenting this process is also helpful in illustrating the company’s education strategy in fulfilling its 404c compliance.

Conducting enrollment and education meetings are important components in a plan’s success. However, execution of these meetings with a clear message is critical in identifying with plan participants and helping them achieve their income for life.

We are accountable for our meetings and report our evaluations to the plan committee. For examples of two recent employee evaluations click here.


The Challenge:

There are over 72 million 401k participants with an average balanceof just over $72,000. Based on these balances and assuming a 4% draw-down rate, the average participant can currently expect an annual income of less than $3,000.

For those contribution to 401k plans, the average account balance is approximately $175,000 with an annual 4% draw down is $7,000.

We take this shift very seriously particularly with the low contribution rates and low account balances in retirement plans.