Fiduciary Services


ERISA Advisors

Acting as a fiduciary is the highest standard consultants can offer their clients. As retirement plan advisors and fiduciaries serving Detroit, Troy, Rochester and all of SE Michigan, not only do we have a moral obligation but also a legal duty.

We provide investment advice with accountability which is based on the highest standard of the law – the fiduciary standard. Fiduciary consultants are required to act with the sole purpose of benefiting the plan participants and beneficiaries. Our responsibilities and pledge to you are clearly defined in our Services Agreement.

We believe plan sponsors’ decisions are judged and evaluated based on the prevailing circumstances at the time the decisions were made. In many facets of fiduciary responsibility and plan management, times have changed and so too should our decisions. By continually and regularly monitoring the plan, decisions are evaluated and changed according to the evolving market landscape and prevailing circumstances. This protects the interests of the plan sponsor and the plan participants. Our retirement plan advisors guide you through the process so you achieve the desired outcome.


AIF® is the first and only professional designation that demonstrates one’s knowledge and competency in the area of fiduciary responsibility. It was named one of the ten most wanted designations in the investment industry by Financial Planning magazine.



Fiduciary Governance - Retirement Plan Specialists


Meeting your fiduciary responsibilities can be a complex process and one that is particularly difficult to navigate for plan sponsors. As retirement plan specialistsserving Detroit, Troy, Rochester and all of SE Michigan, we help control risk by developing and adhering to a formal Investment Policy Statement and establishing clear criteria for selecting and monitoring investment managers. A defined evaluation methodology is paramount in achieving your fiduciary oversight and removing most, if not all, subjectivity from the equation.


Business, municipalities and other organizations rely heavily on their business plan to focus on the growth and future of the organization; they monitor and adapt the plan accordingly. The success of a 401k plan should also rely heavily on its business plan, the Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The IPS is a living, breathing document guiding the committee, retirement plan specialists and other fiduciaries in a prudent, written and organized template. Without it, it is nearly impossible for a fiduciary to support its actions in the investment monitoring, replacement.


However, having an IPS alone is not enough. Many committees and consultants may have an IPS but often violate its parameters. Not adhering to an IPS in most cases is more of a breach than not having one at all. We develop and create the Investment Policy Statement for our clients and monitor it quarterly and at each committee meeting.


The IPS should be quantitative and eliminate most if not all the qualitative factors. We believe the qualitative factors give too much “wiggle room” for plan sponsors and mutual funds companies to stack the deck to create favorable but fabricated outcomes.


The IPS is a due diligence procedure for selecting investment options and must consistently be applied.



Fiduciary Defense

Our goal is to insulate our clients from the fiduciary traps and pitfalls associated with many corporate retirement plans.


Prudence is a key component in meeting one’s fiduciary responsibilities. Our Fiduciary Defense ties it all together by storing pertinent plan documents to defend the process and protect fiduciaries on an ongoing basis. It is our greatest line of defense in a DOL audit to illustrate a documented, prudent process. If fiduciaries are protected, they can promote the management of a successful plan and focus on participant results.