Executive Benefit Services

Regulations governing employee benefit plans can often discriminate against employers and business owners.  For instance, many owners and Highly Compensated Employees (HCEs) are often limited in the amount of annual contributions they can make to their employer sponsored retirement plan - particularly if they are failing annual testing requirements.

The Agbay Group's executive benefit advisors work with employers and business owners to design and implement strategies that provide additional life, health, and retirement benefits above and beyond the basic employee benefit scope.


Our Executive Benefit Services Approach

Central to our method is our unique process that is designed to deliver insight and capabilities to help a client achieve their major personal and financial goals within the context of their corporate environment. We ensure that the financial and tax planning solutions  are based upon extensive market research, financial insight and comprehensive planning with independence and integrity.
Our aim is to ensure you have the resources to handle whatever the future may bring. Our desire is to inspire clients to act with confidence, organization, commitment, and discipline in designing and implementing their desired plan of action.


A selected list of our services includes the following: 

  • Non Qualified Deferred Compensation

  • Cash Balance Plans

  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans

  • Key Executive Insurance

  • Split Dollar Plans

  • Executive Long Term Care

  • Supplemental Disability

  • Compensation Consulting

  • Financial Entitlement (Planning)

  • Section 162 Bonus 



Program Success

Together we create a customized long term vision for the future, supported by a detailed plan so your wealth and resources won’t be left to chance. By taking purposeful steps to create value and build confidence, we create a unique bond with our clients built on trust, secured with process, and lasting through results.