Customer Satisfaction

Employee surveys are an ideal way to evaluate our services and continually improve our process.  Providing this information to the plan sponsor is a best practices approach to documenting empoyee education and participant satisfaction.

Publicly Traded Wireless Phone Company
Four Day Event in Indiana & Louisiana

1 - 5

710 Participant Evaluations

The information presented was clear, valuable and interesting 4.55
I feel I can apply the skills/info learned in the session 4.44
The length of the program was sufficient to cover the material 4.18
The presenter was knowledgeable about the subject(s) covered 4.76
The visual aids and handouts were useful 4.45
The presentation helped me understand the importance of saving 4.60
The presentation will help me achieve a comfortable retirement 4.34
I am now more prepared and educated toward retirement planning 4.35
I have a better understanding of asset allocation and rebalancing of my investment portfolio 4.27
I felt free to ask questions 4.63

Total Average


Non Profit Publishing Company
Four Day Event in New York and North Carolina

1 - 5

264 Participant Evaluations

Education Consultants were knowledgeable and well prepared 4.71
Education Consultants were clear and easy to follow 4.42
Education Consultants were able to relate to the audience (i.e., empathetic, enthusiastic) 4.54
Education Consultants exhibited overall professionalism 4.75
Presentation contained the right level of information, was clear and valuable 4.44
Presentation was the appropriate length of time for material presented 4.45
Presentation helped me understand and benefit from the pending changes in our plans 4.47
Presentation will help me better save and prepare for retirement 4.39
As an Employee I left the meeting with a better understanding of the topics covered 4.44
As an Employee I have a better understanding of the new investment choices and tools available 4.37
As an Employee I felt free to ask questions 4.70
As an Employee I would recommend this presentation and material to other employees 4.61

Total Average