Advisory Services

Our Mission

The Agbay Group’s independence began with the notion that there was a need for unbiased and objective financial consulting. As independent financial advisors, our Detroit (Troy), Michigan-based team believes the return OF your money is just as important as the return ON your money. Not having any proprietary products to sell provides us with complete independence and avoids any potential or perceived conflicts of interest. Our registered investment advisors are committed to transparency and continue to believe every relationship should be founded on comprehensive data mining and financial planning so the solutions are needs-based and not product driven.


We Recognize

The traditional measurement of an investment manager's skill is not aligned with investors' goals. There is a fundamental disconnect for how the two parties describe "risk" and "success". The typical investment manager defines risk as the variance from a particular benchmark. Investors classify risk as the probability of losing money in their retirement savings. 


To demonstrate this disconnect, let's review what happened in 2008.  A Large Cap Growth fund manager who lost 30% of their client's money was rewarded with a bonus, as he or she outperformed the Large Cap Growth benchmark by over 10%. Meanwhile, the investor's 401k account balance was crippled.  This mis-alignment of objectives was (and is) an important contributor to the wealth destruction of many investors' balances.


Our Solutions

We strive to retain gains and maximize portfolio performance given the investor's risk tolerance and financial goals.


Most investors and investment consultants focus on the "buy-side" and neglect the sell discipline.  We want to avoid the "I wish I would have sold when..." sensation.  Instead, we focus on and believe the sell-side discipline is the most important component in the investment management equation.


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