This is for informational purpose only and is not a recommendation or offer to purchase or sell any specific security or investment. Investment decisions must be made on your own individual needs and risk tolerance.


Investor Dilemma

Let's face it; buying low and selling high is easier said than done.  We are wired to buy during periods of euphoria and sell during periods of despair.  This is evident in the record amount of inflows in stock funds at their all time highs followed by record outflows near market bottoms.  Unfortunately, this kind of behavior can destroy a long-term investment strategy.


Understanding this has led our wealth management advisors to create an investment monitoring process attempting to remove most, if not all, emotion from the equation. 


Our Core Philosophy:


Successful investing is more of a function of knowing when to sell than it is knowing when to buy.


Too often most investors and wealth management advisors focus on the buy-side while leaving the sell "discipline" to chance.


Located in Troy, Michigan, our wealth management advisors incorporate a disciplined and quantifiable six-point criteria to monitor and replace our investments.  It creates "pass", "watch" and "fail" indicators telling us precisely when to sell and buy a particular investment.  We believe this is what clearly differentiates us.

Ask yourself or your advisor this one question:


When do we sell an investment? 


Ask us. We'll tell you!