Investment Consolidation

The largest purchase in life is typically not your house but your retirement.  Yet, when it comes to managing this "purchase", investors are quick to roll their money to the company most recently advertised on television.  We recommend not taking a "ready, fire, aim" approach. 


We suggest devoting as much care and prudence as one does when buying a home when searching for a competent Registered Investment Advisor and partner.  Your retirement plan assets are your personal pension plan and our Investment Advisor Agents don't lose sight of that fact.


What We Do:

Our investment strategies are based on comprehensive planning.  This evolving plan acts as a GPS for your goals and allows you to grade the success of our services and advice.  We firmly believe if you don't know where you are, you don't know where you're going. 


We look at your situation in totality including retirement, investments, legacy planning, risk management and charitable giving. We partner and coordinate with our clients' trusted advisors including CPAs and attorneys; this collaboration is a best practices approach to corporate benefits programs and total wealth management - the client is best served when the professionals are working together.


We formulate a defined investment strategy rather than backing into an investment approach.  Our Investment Advisor Agents help differentiate the noise from the knowledge so we can all focus on the issues at hand:  wealth accumulation, income distribution and legacy planning.